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Tatyana A. Edwards Clients’ Reviews

10.0Tatyana A Edwards

Tatyana A. Edwards Clients' Reviews

Over the years, I've spoken to many different immigration attorneys and Tatyana Edwards was the only person who answered all of my questions during the initial consultation, gave me lots of valuable information and tried to help me in any way she could. I can't stress enough how experienced, talented, professional and helpful Tatyana is and how grateful I am. If you have any immigration issues or questions, simply give them a call and you'll find out yourself! I'd definitely use her services again and, just so you know, she's also helped some of my friends who are now citizens or residents and she might not even start your case if she feels it would be a waste of your money. Tatyana is a very honest person you can trust and she definitely knows what she's doing! Thank you so much for everything! I just wish there were more people like her in this world!

Charlie W, San Diego, CA, 08/17/2013

Tatyana Edwards, attorney-at-law, is an outstanding lawyer. She is a winner, an expert in her sphere, and a professional who works fast and efficiently. From my first conversation with her, I could tell that she knows what she is doing and would do an excellent job. It was a great pleasure to have her present my immigration case because she is not only a great specialist, but also a wonderful person. Her services are expensive but well worth the money. I highly recommend her.

Tatsiana A, Ashland, 07/03/2013

Tatyana Edwards is ultimately professional immigration attorney, extremely knowledgeable and highly competent. She personally handled my case with support and compassion, but also intelligence and confidence. She was absolutely prepared and knew everything that needed to be done so we can win! She was on top of it all the time! I would recommend her services to everybody who is determined to achieve their goals and doesn't want to waste their money and time on people who have no clue what they are doing! With Ms. Tatyana Edwards success is guaranteed and it is worth every penny! Thank you for everything Tatyana, you made one of my biggest dreams come true!

Nika G, Los Angeles, CA, 05/09/2013

Tatyana Edwards is a very experienced and highly specialized immigration attorney!!! She personally works with you and helps you to understand what is the best way to do all the paperwork. She helped me a lot and supported me during the entire process. That was my best choice. All the people from her office are very reliable and professional, always willing to answer on any questions you have!!! Tatyana completes all the paperwork in reasonable time frames, always very accurately and attentively. She thinks ahead and I can hardly imagine any situation to which she isn't prepared. That was a pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend to visit her office if you're looking for an immigration attorney.

Elena P, San Diego, CA, 11/25/2012

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer...look no further. Tatyana Edwards is a miracle-working! She is extremely professional, positive-minded and passionate about helping others. During my application process with another organization, my Green card was stuck for 2 and 1/2 years. I came to Tatyana to investigate and she worked her magic to get the application moving forward. I got my Green Card within 3 months. If it wasn't for her, I would still be waiting as there was no way of knowing what happened. I am forever grateful to Tatyana and her fantastic team of colleagues who worked on my case.

Svetlana S, San Diego, CA, 10/23/2012

She is a wonderful attorney, who has a very professional approach to client's needs. She is very attentive to details, honest, specific and attentive. In my option, I think she is the best immigration lawyer in San Diego. I appreciate all the work she has done on my case and I highly recommend her!

Vitaly S, Seattle, WA, 10/21/2012

Thank you for excellent service! Tatyana is very persevering and pushes the case until she gets results. Other attorneys failed on my case.

Karolina D, San Diego, CA, 09/06/2012

Tatyana Edwards is an exceptional attorney. She is very knowledgeable and superbly organized with a high professional ethic. When my family was referred to Tatyana, we had a deportation order, after our case was denied by INS. We were required to depart United States within 150 days. My previous attorney negligently failed to file proper documentation. As a result this created lots of problems for us. At our first meeting Tatyana was able to develop a strategy to help us to stay in United States. Tatyana is very professional, a lawyer you can trust. She is personally concerned for each of her clients. She is very diligent and treats her clients with respect. She is a determined fighter. We highly recommend Tatyana Edwards based on our experience working with her.

Larissa S, San Diego, CA, 09/02/2012

Tatyana Edwards is the best immigration attorney I've ever met. She personally works on every case and is very honest. She did an incredible job on my mother's case in 2007 and now in 2012 she helped my wife to get a green card. My wife's case was pending for a very long time and other attorneys couldn't do anything (but still took our money). I highly recommend to try Tatyana's services before going to someone else.

Andrey C, San Diego, CA, 08/14/2012

Tatyana Edwards is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. I want to thank her so much for her incredible work. She helped us with our immigration status and she believed in us. She helped me and my family to have a better life and future. Tatyana is very professional and experienced in her work. I highly recommend Tatyana Edwards for your legal immigration needs. Thanks

Emilia J, Edmonds, WA, 07/20/2012

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the legal services of Tatyana Edwards. Her expertise and knowledge of immigration law is nothing short of outstanding. Her professional manner, expertise and powerful presence is beyond reproach. Thanks to her vast knowledge of new laws and precedents, she was able to secure a positive outcome for my family. Her thorough and convincing presentation of facts coupled with tenacity and a winning attitude resulted in a positive, life changing situation for my daughter. From experience, I can attest that she far exceeds her peers in every aspect of Immigration law. Thanking you and your staff for a job well done. Paul A. Quattropani Jr.

Paul Q, San Diego, CA, 05/24/2012

We really want to say thank Tatyana Edwards and her team for incredible and wonderful work that they've done for getting our asylum case granted. We are so happy to have trusted on them for something is so important for our lives and almost impossible to get.
We felt very comfortable having Tatyana at our side during all time (for almost 2 years). She is very experienced, professional in immigration and consular law, understanding and passionate about the cases she takes on. Plus it was so easy to cooperate with her and her team, because they speak our native language (and many other languages, what makes deal with them so comfortable and easy).
We had hired another lawyer before, but that turned out to be a disaster: Wish we'd known of her when we were going through that hell and failed at our first interview with immigration.
We can highly recommend Tatyana Edwards for your legal immigration needs.

Natalia And Sergey, San Diego, CA, 02/06/2012

When another attorney had taken my money, promised me results and later on disappeared, Tatyana, within minutes, had resolved the pending issues and I received my green card. I am truly indebted to Tatyana for helping me avoid the deportation process that could have happened. I am very grateful and I think that she is the best immigration attorney in America. There was so many people that had recommended her to me, I knew that she was the person to go to and they were right!

Ira S, San Diego, CA, 08/07/2011

I was Tatyana's client and I have no complains! She is highly professional, highly educated and just a pleasant person to work with. She always makes sure that the whole process will go smooth without any complications. She is smart, knowledgeable, hard-working, charismatic lawyer! I greatly appreciate what she has done for me! I HIGLY RECOMMEND HER!

Meerim A, Los Angeles, CA, 06/21/2011

Tatyana is a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney with years of success behind her. She gives undivided attention to your case and goes extra step to make sure that all possible further questions and difficulties are prepared for and ultimately taken care of. She is honest, hard-working, and employs a responsive team that reviews and submits paperwork in a timely manner. Her law office is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, which allows for a more customized approach. It is a great pleasure to have worked with Tatyana and to recommend her work to fellow immigrants.

Kat K, 05/04/2011, San Francisco,

Tatyana Edwards is one of the best immigration attorneys I've ever met! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced, reliable and professional lawyer to solve his/her law issues! The service you would receive is incredible no matter if it's directly face to face with her or if you call at her office! Her assistants always provide you with a great needed info and are always up to date with all the cases! Tatyana speaks fluent English and Russian and is always performing at her best. She had helped me solving my immigration problems and I would be grateful for it for the rest of my life! Tatyana works hard on any case she takes and I can say she has a great history as a successful immigration attorney at law! If you need an immigration attorney at law she is the person who can help you succeed!

Siyana R, Seattle, WA, 04/16/2011

I would recommend Tatyana to anyone seeking a professional immigration lawyer. She helped me tremendously during my immigration process, I am very thankful.

Peter G, La Jolla, CA, 4/15/2011

I'm very pleased with Tatyana's job. She helped me a lot and it seems like she can solve all kinds of problems!!! Tatyana Edwards is very knowledgeable in law and fluent in both Russian and English languages so it's really easy to talk to her trying to concentrate on the problem, and stop trying to formulate all facts in English. That is pretty hard for non-native English speakers! The entire process took only 3 months that is very important, because this attorney can get all work done fast!

Olga S, San Diego, CA, 4/15/2011

Tatyana Edwards is an experienced Attorney, highly specializing in immigration, nationality and consular law. She performs and outstanding service, providing clients with professionalism and cultural sensitivity. By the way, she speaks fluently in English and Russian. It's a pleasure to deal with Tatyana, because she is interested in completing cases in most efficient way. I would suggest her as a responsive, intelligent and attentive person. I recommend you to visit her if you need such kind of help. Good Luck!

Julia S, San Diego, CA, 02/02/2010

Tatyana is the best attorney in the country. She explained everything and did everything to help us. Her staff is great, they are amazing people. I love them all.

Ayman, an Immigration client